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15. Dezember 2022

Hydrogen in the city of Bremen – An Overview of 24 Projects, Companies and Initiatives

Climate-neutral hydrogen is an indispensable component of our future energy supply. In Bremen, more than one billion euros are being invested in sustainable hydrogen projects – […]
4. August 2022

Driving a hydrogen-powered car through Bremen

How does a hydrogen-powered car work? How do you fill it up? And is it all safe?
7. Juli 2022

Where Is It Worth Using Hydrogen? Application Areas in the Energy Revolution

Is climate-neutral hydrogen worth it? This isn’t a question that can be answered with a blanket „yes“ or „no“.
14. April 2022

Bremen and Bremerhaven Projects Prioritising Hydrogen

In Bremen and Bremerhaven, companies and research institutes are working hard to turn visions into reality when it comes to climate-neutral energy like hydrogen.
4. März 2022

Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles from Bremen – why FAUN Has Chosen the Hanseatic City

The FAUN Group is building dustbin lorries with carbon-neutral engines in Bremen.