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Wasserstoff in Norddeutschland

Das Wasserstoff-Symposium Bremerhaven ist mittlerweile die größte und bekannteste Konferenz rund um Wasserstoff in der Region.   Es erwarten Sie spannende Berichte aus der maritimen Wirtschaft und Perspektiven in/aus der Logistik. Abschließend werden Sie Einblicke in Bremerhavener Wasserstoff-Projekte erhalten und erste Ergebnisse erfahren.   Anmeldung möglich bis: 03.10.2022, 00:00 Uhr   Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie unter https://www.bis-bremerhaven.de/3-wasserstoffsymposium.100533.html     Kontakt: BIS Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung mbH Dr. Saskia Greinergreiner@bis-bremerhaven.de

11. Oktober 2022 / 9:30 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr / Wasserstoff

Since the beginning of the industrial era, carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere have increased significantly. Tackling climate change is one the biggest global challenges that requires immediate action and many industrial sectors are now looking to new technology to help meet net-zero emission targets. Research conducted by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that carbon capture is an essential technology in the fight to mitigate climate change. Carbon Capture Technology Conference & Expo is dedicated to discussing the increasing role that Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS) will play in transition...

19. Oktober 2022 bis 20. Oktober 2022 / Ganztägig / Wasserstoff

Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo is Europe’s must-attend conference and exhibition that is exclusively dedicated to discussing advanced technologies for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. The event will bring together the entire hydrogen value chain to focus on developing solutions and innovations for low-carbon hydrogen production, efficient storage and distribution as well as applications in a variety of stationary and mobile applications. More than 90 international speakers and over 2,000 attendees will come together to discuss, and see, the latest technologies and engineering solutions, advanced materials, manufacturing equipment, infrastructure, as well as test and evaluation tools and services to finally...

19. Oktober 2022 bis 20. Oktober 2022 / Ganztägig / Wasserstoff